xmadetulle is looking for micro and macro-influencers, active on the blog, YouTube and / or social media, who like to write or talk about women's clothing and accessories. We want to collaborate with enthusiastic, energetic, curious influencers, and with a significant number of fans.

* A very good knowledge of the main social media platforms
* Perfect spelling and grammar, so that the blog text does not require any editing
* Blog text must contain at least 500 words, with links and keywords set
* Social media posts must include established tags and hashtags.
* Friendly personality with a positive writing style

If you are interested in being a blogger / vlogger or social media influencer for xmadetulle, fill out the form below. Once you have applied, we will analyze the information provided and contact you regardless of whether we consider that they meet our criteria or not.

We will reward you with the following:

- money for video, blog posting, posting on social networks
- earnings based on commission (you are offered a unique link, through which the orders generated by you are registered)
- product / products chosen by mutual agreement (free (s)) on the basis of which the posting, the video, etc. will be made.

Please also specify links to the following (as appropriate): blog, website, social networks, YouTube.

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