How to choose the size of the skirt?

The products are made in the xmadetulle workshop. Below you have explanations on how to choose exactly the measurements of the skirt.

1. Waist - Try to find the natural curvature of the waist, the thinnest area of ​​the body or the point where you usually wear the waist of the skirts.

2. Length - from the waist to where you want the skirt to be long, the measurement is taken correctly letting the centimeter fall on the side of the hip.

Good to know:
- the length of the skirt can have differences of maximum +/- 2cm
- the length of the skirt is considered with the waist band (elastic or satin)
- skirts that are made with elastic waist are 2-4cm (depending on waist size) smaller in waist than the size specified by the buyer to fit on the waist.

Tulle skirts can be transparent in the following cases:

  • Few layers of tulle (2 layers)
  • Light colours